Keep harmful allergens and bacteria under control

We offer a variety of air and water purifiers for allergies

Indoor purifiers

We proudly sell air purification products with exclusive Certified Space technology. Our purifiers also have a unique technology called ActivePure which philosophy is to research the natural processes happening outside and use technology to re-create those effects for cleaner, fresher air inside. Among these unique purifiers we have the Fresh Air which is our number one selling indoor purifier, and the Everest. Both are proven to eliminate smoke, odors and to kill up to 99.9% of mold and bacteria on surfaces. Other purifiers are also available.

UV purification

When installed in the main supply or return duct of any heating or cooling system, the Air-Cre UVC Light sterilizes and reduces airborne microorganisms as they pass through the system. It emits a powerful ultraviolet light. This technology has been proven effective in hospitals, schools, day care centers, and restaurants. It turns the existing cooling and heating system into a sanitizer system.

Water treatment

Laundry Pure is another exclusive product with Certified Space technology as well. With this product the washed laundry is softer, fluffier, and last longer. It also reduces/eliminates the need for harsh laundry detergents and cleaners. Its technology has been successfully used in hospitals, hotels and commercial laundromats.

Energy management

The EcoPower4 is a whole house energy management system that protects the appliances and electronic devices in your home from surges, spikes and electrical noise. This technology has been used for years by big industry and utility companies. A cost-effective solution with abilities that translate directly into savings. With energy costs on the rise, now is the perfect time to buy this amazing environmentally responsible product.

Electrostatic air filters

These permanent air filters never need replacement. It is the perfect compliment to air duct cleaning and indoor air purification.

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- The Electra Silver 8200 is designed to meet the special needs of some furnaces and air conditioners that require a very low resistance due to a limited return configuration. The woven polypropylene layer with integral anti-microbial material provides 8 times more filtration than a disposable filter. The non woven polyester prefilter will maintain high arrestance even when soiled.
- The Electra Silver 9400 is designed to provide the highest arrestance available for the majority of furnaces and air conditioners. Two layers of woven monofilament poly- propylene with integral anti-microbial material provide 10 times more filtration than a disposable fiberglass filter.
- The ElectraGold provides over 94% arrestance in a premium quality extruded aluminum, gold anodized frame with a durable and attractive finish. A special impregnated black polypropylene has an EPA registered anti-microbial material to inhibit mold and bacteria growth while the center non-woven layer retains debris in a maze of fibers designed to maximize air flow even when soiled.

“At Embarclean we take our commitment to improve your indoor air quality very seriously. Cleaning your carpets, furniture, and air ducts is the first step for a cleaner air inside your home or building.”